Casino Network employs a unique refurbishment process that allows us to deliver detailed, inspected, and tested equipment to customers based on their unique specifications. The refurbishment process is carefully completed by our trained staff to ensure a quality product is delivered on time and in working order.

The following is an overview of the Casino Network refurbishment process:

1. After specifications for an order have been agreed upon, the equipment is moved to the detailing area where all components of the games are cleaned. The cleaning process is carefully managed to rid equipment of any potential corrosive debris that would cause failure after shipping.

2. After cleaning, the components are examined for quality and defects. The cleaning process allows the best opportunity to inspect parts for flaws that lead to future problems. This process is important for our customers to save time and cost during the installation process.

3. Once the cleaning and inspection are completed, games are moved to our tech area and placed on test benches and go through a predetermined testing process. The testing process reveals any internal issues with the game that can not be addresses while out of operation.

4. After detailing, inspection and testing, games are inspected by our lead technician and warehouse manager for final approval. After final approval, games are processed to Shipping and Receiving.

5. Shipping handles preparing games for shipping according to the customer's specifications.